Amanda Yskamp: Poetry in Print Journals

Amanda's poetry has been published in the following print journals since 1987.
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“Random Bullet,” Berkeley Poetry Review, 1987
“High Speeds and the Sharper,” Ark, 1990
“The Sister Cure, Caliban,” 1990
“Bogeyman,” Birmingham Review, 1991
“Kiss Chase,” Threepenny Review, 1993
“Demolition Derby,” The Georgia Review, 1994
“Automobile II,” Lullwater Review, 1994
“Body Wholly Body,” “First Two,” & “Fictional Limits,” Cedar Hill Review, 1998
“That This” and “Light in Its Forms,” KitKat Review, 1998
“Between the Washerwoman and the Ballad,” SilverBlack, 1998
“Eavesdrop,” Poetry Motel, 1998
“Hunt,” Rattapallax, 1999
“On the 40th Anniversary of Silly Putty,” Five Fingers Review, 1999
“Selections from a New Sutra,” Quarterly West, 2000
“Office in a Small City,” Styx, 2000
“Louisiana Fugue,” Black Buzzard Press, 2000
“Lift,” Eclipse, 2002
“Country Living,” Cooweescoowee, 2001
“The Walking,” Hayden's Ferry, 2003
“The Long Sentence,” Sow's Ear, 2003
“Long Division,” Caketrain, 2005
“Winter Stanzas,” Iota, 2005
“Youth, Russian River,” Flashquake, 2005
“The Doll,” Hunger Mountain, 2006
“Fetishes and Proper Names” and “Birds of Prayer,” Passages North, 2006
“Fictional Limits,” “Lessons of Altitude,” Sow's Ear, 2007
“Not Home,” Boxcar Review, 2007
“Poor Translation,” Redivider, 2007
“We Tempted Jack,” Going Down Swinging, 2008
“Drowning in a Dream of Water,” Shitcreek Review, 2008
“Fissure,” Ditch, 2008
“In This River Against Ownership” and “Letter,” Chimaera, 2008
“Duckherder,” Vulgata, 2009
“Body Chronicle,” Wicked Alice, 2009
“The Bees,” Pedestal Magazine, 2009
“Empire State,” St. Ann's Review, 2011
“You're Right, Bill Bronk,” Arc Poetry, 2012
“Fuse,” Flashquake, 2012
“A+,” Birmingham Poetry Review, 2013
“Bas Relief,” Dirtcakes, 2013
“Alpine Climb,” Riddlefence, 2014
“Gulo Gulo,” KnickKnackery, 2017
“Hex,” NILVX, 2017
“River Ghazal,” Sunlight Press, 2017
“Flora and Fauna,” Queer Nation Anthology, 2022


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