Amanda Yskamp: Art, Stories, Poetry in Print

Amanda is a poet and writer living on the banks of the Russian River. With degrees from UC/Berkeley and NYU, she writes freelance and teaches writing and literary analysis from her online classroom, Wordwise Instruction. She has published her writing in such magazines as Threepenny Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, The Georgia Review and Caketrain. Amanda is also a graphic artist specializing in digital collage as well as poetry editor for Wordrunner eChapbooks.

Published Images
Rache“Rache,” Nonbinary Review, Issue 9: A Study in Scarlet
     (available in print; click on thumbail to see enlarged image.)
“small a,” Riddled with Arrows, 2017
“Device 8,” Tishman Review, 2017  
“Retrospect,” Stoneboat, 2017
“Ferris Wheel,” Subprimal, 2018
“For the Smiths” and “Familiar Things,” Black Rabbit, 2018
“Lesson 39 When, Where,” Riddled with Arrows, 2018
“Devices, Retrospect,” Stoneboat, 2020
“Uncontained,” Riddled with Arrows, Spring 2021, prize winner
“Discovery” and "Wheels," Nonbinary Review, Issue #24: Industrial Revolution, June 2021
“Drill Deep,” Cover, Josephine Quarterly 2021
“Nourish,” Mud Season Review, Issue 61, April 2022
“Columns of Aspects,” Riddled With Arrows, Issue 5.3, April 2022
“Zero In, Honeyguide, Issue 6, 2023
“Hurricane Hotel, Fullhouse Literary, Summer 2023
“3 Fish Face, Honeyguide, Issue 7
“Indicates Long Break in Adjacent Part,” Invisible City, November 2023
“Selected Visual Art by Amanda Yskamp, Twenty-two Twenty-eight, December 2023
“Calculation” and “Too Sweet,” Nonbinary Review, Issue 34: Lies for Children, December 2023
“Kiss,” Abandon Journal, Issue 4: Abandon Love, 2023
“Over There,” Typehouse, Volume 10, No. 1, Issue 27, 2023 (p. 82)
“Head Fuel,” The Sprawl Mag, Vol. 2.1, Winter, 2024
“it haunts him still,” Fron//tera, vol. 4: fantasmas//phantoms (print only), April 2024
“Task Manual,” Carte Blanche, Issue 48, April 2024
“Bisect,” Abandon Journal, Issue 5: Abandon Earth, May 2024
Header/illustration for “Paint Yourself Black” by Sarah Thomas, Flash Frog, May 13, 2024

Amanda designed the header for the Wordrunner eChapbook pages, as well as the image above (“Solar Boundaries”) and has contributed covers for nine of our anthologies and one fiction collection:
  Strange Encounters (March 2015)
  Devices (March 2016)
  Pushing Boundaries/Breaking Barriers (March 2017)
  Rites of Passage (March 2018)
  Upheavals (April 2019)
  Onward! (April 2020)
  Love (April 2021)
  Up-Ending (April 2022)
  Salvaged (April 2023)
  The Essential Worker (September 2023)
  Displacement (April 2024)

Published Poetry
Click here for poems published in PRINT JOURNALS from 1987 to the present.

On-line journals:
Not Home,” Boxcar Poetry Review, November 2007
“River” and “In This River Against Ownership,” Chimaera, 2008 (no longer on-line)
Body Chronicle,” Wicked Alice, 2009
Times,” Rattle  2017
River Ghazal,” The Sunlight Press, 2017
Mycorrhizal Network,” Terse Journal, July 2023

Published Fiction
The Scientific Method,” Flash Fiction Online, 2008
Driveway,” Per Contra, 2010
Sentry,” 2ndhand, 2010
“Snee,” The First Line, 2013
Frank's Three,” Suddenly Lost in Words: Short Story Sunday, March 2013
Ten Blunt Objects,” Per Contra, Issue 29, Fall 2013
The Good She Did,” Per Contra, 2014
“Salamander,” The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, March 2015
Hazards,” Southword Journal, Issue 30, 2016
“Lines,” Riddled With Arrows, Issue 1.2, June 2017
Dirt Road to the Main Road,” Sunlight Press, March 8, 2018
“Dowse,” The Victoria Review, 2018
“Child of the Short Spark,” Zizzle, 2019
Robin and the Pronoun They,” Orca, Issue 1, Spring 2019
Lindy and the High Water Mark,” Orca, Issue 3, Spring 2020
Diorama,” Mud Season Review, Issue 57, August 19, 2021
Swallows,” Riddled With Arrows, Issue 5.3, April 2022

“Amanda Yskamp: Allowing Characters To Surface,” by Ann Fisher, Mud Season Review, September 20, 2021

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