The No-Name
Writers' Convivium

Our group gathers bi-monthly in Sonoma or Marin County, California, to examine members' new work and exercise the limits of our genres.

Old Cars cover


Wray Cotterill
Wray was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Moved to Mclean, Virginia and majored in Marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He now resides in Santa Rosa, California and runs a residential house painting company. He owns a white Chevy Express van named Vanna White.


Judith Day
At age six Judith Day firmly inscribed the title of her first story, A LITTLE GIRL, into the leather top of a living room table, where it remains more than half a century later. She continues to revise the story, hoping for completion. She drives a nameless Ford Escort.


Richard Gustafson
Richard was raised in Ohio and now lives and writes in Sebastopol, California. He has worked in the field of socially responsible investing and has been active in the bioregional and green movements. There is a dark blue Audi A6 Avant Sportwagon parked in his driveway where the TR6 used to sit. A ‘sportwagon’ is...a station wagon.


Chance Lucky
Chance Lucky lives in Sebastapol, California and rides a bicycle to work in Santa Rosa. Read more from and about CL on his BLOG.


Orianna Pratt
Orianna drives a 1989 Dodge Aries which originally belonged to her great aunt. The car goes by the name of Sweet Thing.


Jo-Anne Rosen
Jo-Anne is a book and website designer. Some of her stories have been published in A Room of One's Own, Other Voices, The Florida Review and The Dickens. She drives a Nissan Sentra which remains nameless. Her first car was a '59 Chevy Belvedere called Heap.


Linda Saldaña
Linda lives in Marin County and spends much of her time trying to figure out the difference between technical writing and fiction. Oh. And then there’s real life. She drives a PT Cruiser named Carmen la Cruz


Susan Starbird
(Bio coming soon)

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