soldier kissing girlfriend ca. 1940s
  Catching the Send-Off Train
by Melanie Faith
 Telephone Operator
 Justice of the Peace
 Where There’s Smoke There’s Breakfast
 Life Line
 Fragments, Sent
 Red, White, Green
 Pauline to Edgar
 I’m not saying it’s the same.
 Taking off His Ring, Part One
 Edgar to Pauline
 Tattered Mosaic
 And Sometimes a Boy Needs a Father
 Taking off His Ring, Part Two
 Charlie: Settling In
 Thirty years
 Charlie: Settling In, Part Two
 Platform: Traveling Back   

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“Several women run alongside a train blowing kisses that break against the windows.”
                                                                         — Allison Benis-White

Photo by Alfred Eisenstadt, April 1943
(first printed in LIFE, February 14, 1944)
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