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  The Loose Fish Chronicles
  Excerpt From a Memoir in Stories  by Beverly A. Jackson
  •  The Green Dress — 1960
    Fancy Soaps — 1961
  •  Dreams and Dreads — 1961
  Sleeping With Marilyn —1961
  The Bermuda Triangle — 1963
  Old Bucks and New Wings — 1964
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Photo Gallery

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Village in the 60s Poor man's Marilyn on the sofa
Corner Bistro interior
Jim Butcher and Diana Harriet Strachstein Mama and Pete
Mama with poodle Stepfather "Pistol Pete" pre-wedding prep wedding: down the aisle post-ceremony wedding reception
Bill Kirkaldy at wedding Tom in Bermuda Tom on moped Tom on Sunfish Bev at table (Bermuda) Sitting on hood of convertible
Beverly Jackson 1965