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  The Loose Fish Chronicles
  Excerpt From a Memoir in Stories  by Beverly A. Jackson
  •  The Green Dress — 1960
    Fancy Soaps — 1961
  •  Dreams and Dreads — 1961
  Sleeping With Marilyn —1961
  The Bermuda Triangle — 1963
  Old Bucks and New Wings — 1964
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Old Child Chant

I want
I want
I want
to explode
out of the box
I hear the clock
I hear the birds
outside the door.
I hear 
a new season
the dogs howl
the puppies cry
the clock ticks
I hear the words
inside my head
I want
I want
I want
the endless chirp
the moan of want
dog like, the howl
of need
time whirls past
clicks off
in my brain
I want
the peace
I want
the love
the moan, the howl
the terrible cry
the dazzling song
I want it back
I want it now
I cannot sleep
for clocks and wants
I hear
the time
all running out
into the street
pursued by dogs
adorned by birds.
I want
my mother,


   © Beverly A. Jackson, 2011
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