Protected Contact
  Seven Stories by Julie Stielstra
  1  Protected Contact
2  Posthumous
3  Little Deaths
4  Begin with Lilies
5  I Never Saw the Sea
6  The Heron
7  Requeening
  About the Author  |  |  November 2017 Fiction Issue

About Julie Stielstra

Julie StielstraThe title story, "Protected Contact," was originally published by Zahir Tales in July 2011; "I Never Saw the Sea" was published by New Plains Review in Spring 2010.

Other short stories by Stielstra have appeared in Potomac Review, Bellevue Literary Review, The Examined Life Journal, and elsewhere. Her novella, Pilgrim, won Minerva Rising Press's 2016 novella contest.

Currently based in the Chicago area, she will be relocating soon to rural Kansas.