Stories by Emily Hoover
  1  Surge
3  Angelo Loves Tammy
4  El Brut├íl
5  Real Fun
  6  Tectonics of Time
  7  Some Kind of Saint
  8  Snitch
  9  Demolition
10  Reflections at Aqua Key West

  About the Author  |  |  Summer 2021 Fiction Issue

About Emily Hoover

Emily HooverEmily Hoover’s fiction has most recently appeared in Gravel and BULL. Her short story “Angelo Loves Tammy” was nominated for 2018's “Best of the Net” Anthology and her short story “Nothing to Light Our Way” won honorable mention in Madville’s 2019 Runaway Stories contest. Her poems “Cuscuta denticulata” and “My Mother as a Serrano Pepper” were chosen as runners-up in Waxing & Waning’s 2020 Tennessee Tempest Editon. Emily’s book reviews have been published by The Los Angeles Review, Necessary Fiction, Ploughshares blog, The Rupture, and others. She is a Lecturer of English at Nevada State College. 

Four of the stories in this collection were previously published as follow: