The Wedding Bed
  The Marriage Bed
Fiction by Elaine Ford
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  Wasps in a Bottle
  Rita Lafferty’s Lucky Summer
•  Birthing    
  Ship Street
  Nerve-Wrackin Christmas
  Original Brasses, Fine Patina
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November 2015 fiction issue 

About Family-Based Historical Fiction:

Upon retirement from teaching, Elaine Ford embarked on genealogical investigation of her ancestors. The two longest pieces in The Marriage Bed, both set in the 19th century, are products of this research: “Ship Street,” a short story, and “Birthing,” a novel excerpt.

About turning family history into fiction, Elaine has this to say: “For several years I considered my genealogical project and my professional writing career to be completely separate enterprises. Gradually, though, as intriguing human stories emerged from the mountains of data I'd collected, the fiction-writer in me felt compelled to try to bring these ancestors alive on the page. Unfortunately, I possessed no relevant letters, diaries, or family photographs; my only guide was a brief history of the paternal side of the family handwritten years ago by a favorite uncle. Most of my information came via the Internet using tools like and from trips to places my ancestors had lived, where I spent many hours digging in dusty archives. Once I began to write fiction about my Ford and Hopkins forebears, I was, of course, forced to use my imagination to expand on known facts. Figuring out motivation was key to entering my characters' lives. Early on, I determined to use actual names and never to ignore or embroider documented evidence. These stories are my way of honoring the courageous and flawed people who gave rise to me.”

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