The Wedding Bed
  The Marriage Bed
Fiction by Elaine Ford
  A Sense of Morality
  Wasps in a Bottle
  Rita Lafferty’s Lucky Summer
•  Birthing    
  Ship Street
  Nerve-Wrackin Christmas
  Original Brasses, Fine Patina
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November 2015 fiction issue 

About Elaine Ford

Elaine Ford

Elaine Ford (1938-2017) published five novels and one story collection during a forty-year career. These include The Playhouse (1980), a New York Times notable book of the year; Monkey Bay (1989); and The American Wife (2007). A second collection, This Time Might Be Different: Stories of Maine, was published in 2018 by Islandport Press. (Click here for details or to order.) More than fifty of her works of short fiction have appeared in literary magazines and newspapers.

Elaine’s writing has been recognized by a Guggenheim fellowship, a Michigan Literary Fiction Award, and two National Endowment for the Arts grants. She was professor emerita of English at the University of Maine. The creative writing of her last decade is primarily fiction based on family histories: God’s Red Clay, a novelset in nineteenth-century Alabama and Mississippi; and Bread and Freedom, linked stories set in Latvia, Scotland, and New York between 1882 and 1933. Her website is:

Some stories in The Marriage Bed were previously published, as follows: “A Sense of Morality” in Seattle Review; “Wasps in a Bottle” in Kennebec and the novel Monkey Bay; “Rita Lafferty’s Lucky Summer” in the Miami Herald, Newsday, and the Arizona Republic as part of the PEN Syndicated Fiction Project; and “Nerve-Wrackin Christmas” in The American Wife.

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  © Elaine Ford, 2015