The Venice of the West
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 Double Fiction Issue

Part I: Alta California
 I Meet Mark Twain
 I Meet John Sargent
 A Humorist, Not a Politician
 The Venice of the West
 The Fair Marina
 A Candide Character
 A Swan Among Geese

 So Much?
 Gibralter the Egg Mule
 An American Vandal Abroad
 Daisy and Oscar
 A Chance Encounter
 Goya’s Studio
 Holy Relics

Part II: Sakrametska in Rossland
 Boundary Values
 The Unholy Family
 Boom Town
 New Dog, Old Tricks
 Commission of a Lifetime
 Minor Moon of a Minor Planet

  NOVEL EXCERPTS by Patrick Fanning


About Patrick Fanning

Pat FanningPatrick Fanning is a writer and painter living in Sonoma County in northern California. He always thought that the real history of the region was a little boring: native peoples, Mexican missionaries, ranchos, American Gold Rush, etc. While painting the landscape around the Russian River, Fanning thought it would be more interesting if the Mexican settlers and the Russian fur traders had stayed longer, found the gold, and set up two competing empires on either side of the Russian River. The illustrated Venice of the West is the result.

The cover watercolor of the Venice of the West is by Patrick Fanning, as are the following sketches:



  © Patrick Fanning, 2012  

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