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Office Party

On Black Friday, I lingered in front of the three-tiered table laden with stuff long-married wives end up giving their husbands: shoe shine kits, cedar belt racks, 6-in-1 car chargers, 9-in-1 cocktail tools.

I made my selection and wrapped it in HO HO HO paper.

When the boss was handed his Secret Santa present and saw my handwriting on the label, he unwrapped it so slowly that someone called out, “There isn’t a bomb in there.”

Inside, the box read: The Decision Maker: grasp the decision ball in your hand, ask a question, and watch in amazement as magical forces guide you in making life’s toughest choices.

I no longer work in that office. But I like to imagine The Decision Maker sitting on the boss’s desk, next to the framed photos of his attractive wife, his handsome son at Holy Cross, and his pretty daughter at Dartmouth.

My eyes used to flit back and forth between his wife and kids—wife, kids, wife, kids—as after hours I lay on his desk and he pushed himself into me, as if with each thrust he could punch down the door into another life.

  © Rita Ciresi, 2019

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