Female Education
  Flash Fiction by Rita Ciresi
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I’ve got my husband’s Vicodin. His Oxycontin. His Belsomnra. He doesn’t need them anymore. And neither do I, unless I want to off myself.

I’m all set to toss the pills down the toilet when I remember he told me no flushing. It pollutes the groundwater, he said. Gets into rivers and lakes and wreaks havoc on human and aquatic life.

Now he’s dead and for days I’ve been wishing I were too. Still, I do as instructed and mix the pills up with used coffee grounds, seal the vials in a leak-proof coffee can, and toss it into the garbage.

The night I haul the trash to the curb, I wish I had those sleeping pills back. I want to knock myself out. I want to go to bed and not-remember how blissfully ignorant we were, eating our baked sole the evening before the doctor told him it was cancer. I want to not-dream of aquatic havoc: flounder that have five eyeballs and sterile frogs that waltz.

  © Rita Ciresi, 2019

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