god Particle

by Jonathan Travelstead

Nominated for 2019 Best of the Net

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They say the device dredged up from Antikythera's history
is a computer ahead of its time. New tools, new science.
New science, new problems. The number '42' found beneath

quark & gluon. The solution to the next riddle yields
spider silk glimmering between all things. How perilous it is  
learning this world. Today, a few tentative steps onto an

iced stoop while elsewhere two bits of light hurry towards
collision where one of two things happen: BANG! 1) Cloud flutter
& blue earth, tattered into confetti at your sneakers,

or 2) The Wild Hunt for the God Particle begins. Watch
the beady-eyed labcoats toss photons, & hope for snake eyes.
Watch now as they fossick newfangled teeth. Worry nautili

from the sky's helices. Asters of light. Listen. Hear the ceramic
rattle in the universe's breathing. Listen. Notes warbled
on a bent saw. Here: a thin voice rises,

then a glossolallia of stars.


end of story

© 2019, Jonathan Travelstead

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