Entrepreneur Sans Wall

by Donna Isaac

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Across the border in the expectant night,
Ciudad Juarez sparkles like so many stars
beyond the desert darkness. An iron gate
encloses an ancient graveyard.

Alma and her son make a nightly raid
into El Paso to buy dozens of Krispy Kreme
donuts and then go back to sell
them from the trunk of her coche
to citizens who like plain glazed.

In the early morning hours,
customers might be drug dealers,
hookers, and hungry addicts, longing
for sugar, a lick of jam. They pay
pesos and/or dollars for the sticky goods.

Alma makes pennies on the dollar
so that her children can take classes
at Vista or the community college,
so that their abuela can buy masa and meat
for tamales she sells at Christmas,
so that they can feed their yellow dog
tied up, bones showing, in a yard filled with old tires.


end of story

© 2019, Donna Isaac

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