First Impressions

by Linda Ferguson

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It's my mother's third time, and she says her labor
just feels like cramps or the indigestion she gets
from a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of orange soda pop.

Dad, with his cranberry-red cardigan and his freshly buzzed
crewcut, is kept waiting in another room.

I come out of my mother so fast mucus plugs my nose,
and the doctor has to give me mouth-to-mouth
before I can feel the first touch of my mother’s skin.

When my father is allowed in, his big hand trembles
as he cups my head.

Later, my mother cradles me by the window and waves
to the two small boys who stand in the parking lot below.
They’re wearing matching coats and caps.

It’s November, and they must be cold.


end of story

© 2019, Linda Ferguson

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