Vanishing Point

by Lynne Burnett

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When the capable businessman,
amorous husband, loving father

translates to a sixty-three year old
Caucasian male first in a chair

then a stretcher, finally a bed
and questions asked of him

are the same ones over and over
by different people holding clipboards

and I think they must be writing in
disappearing ink, no one remembers

what he said except him who, to keep away
the pain that brought him there increased

his wine consumption to ten glasses a week
by the time they moved him to the fourth floor

four hours later, is anyone listening?
strip a man down like that and

all his accomplishments, his suit
of armour falls away, he’s at the mercy

of a titanic amoeba camped on his liver
and the relentless crawl of a pen across paper,

this is not his call to make, what he thinks
doesn’t matter now, he’s nobody he knows

when his heart pulls him from the sterile sea
of pillows and sheets, eyes leaking

and I’m nobody I know, treading water,
reaching for his hand.


end of story

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