Strange Encounters

Old Man

by Meg Eden

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The old man in the park kisses
my hand and hands me his phone
number, the name of his train stop.
No house number. He says,
I’d love to practice English
with a true American.

Old man, no more polite
talk. I will never bang
you. If I was a quick thinker,
I would’ve said, I’m sorry
but I don’t speak English.
I would’ve walked into the water
and become a kappa.

But my friend says:
you are Asian on the inside,
white on the outside.
I hide my mouth behind my hand,
apologize, tell him that I
am moving and do not know
my new address.

The old man laughs in my face.
He says, You don’t need to avoid me.
His teeth are so gold, I could pull
them out, one by one, and sell them.

end of poem

© 2015, Meg Eden