Strange Encounters


by G. Timothy Gordon

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The way winter twilight folds in upon itself,
Alien, as outcast crows huddling alee, 
Cleaving between urban eaves and ledges
Against wind and cold.  Day-dreaming maybe
Or making love in some cack-handed way,
Guards against the thick chill of replicate life. 
If and when they are finally lifted up like all
The great silver and blond birds of myth and legend
Into the light, blackness etched upon frost-white
Morning ether unlike hovering hummingbird choppers
Or jabbering jays, bathetic robins, timid song-sparrows,
Stoic snowy owls, wholly unto self, innately jawing awfully
At each other over scraps and turf—lowbrow knaves and thugs—
Scuffling, shiftless, conflicted howlers ever wanting more,
Expecting middles and ends, accepting less, but never
The Black Pits of Whenever, without agenda, ambition,
Cover letter, résumé, kindred spirits, who, if, and when,
They do find me, if at all, ascend into light in every weather.


end of poem

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