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I Kept Meaning to Cure Myself of You, But Instead I Searched

by Laura Sweeney

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pages of Anna Karenina and Dr. Z
an Italian soda flavored raspberry
Irina’s Restaurant menu fix prix
the Christofferson Park spruce tree
the prose poem I Love Karate
the Russian New Year’s party
texts that say ‘move to Portland with me’
the glove compartment of the silver Camry
the parking ticket issued January
Akhmatova and Mandelstam poetry
my submission to Sharkpack’s L Theme
the gazebo at Andres and Katie’s wedding
texts that say ‘wrong # oops sorry’
a bottle of white from Snus Winery
the red picnic table by the Hotel Esprit
texts that say ‘I’m leaving the country’
a chapter on Van Gogh and broken beauty


end of story

© 2016, Laura Sweeney