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by Marie Kilroy

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Monday, October 26, 2015 9:45 AM


Jessie Lynch
I'm so fucking hungover and I have actual work
gonna barely make commissh the way things are going

Megan Murray
goaled wrong? took away your good accounts? both/

Jessie Lynch
it’s all around bad
so I just got in to the office and my co-worker’s stuff is all packed up
on her desk,
and the thing is
I knew they were gonna lay either me or her off
so I’d been shit talking about her to her boss for months
and over that time I really became good friends with her
even though I thought she was basic
and it turns out she’s been missing all that work
because she was prego and then lost the baby
but didn’t tell anyone
they had enough of her skipping school I guess
oh man I just got a text from her
she wants to talk
god I’m really a horrible person
maybe I should throw myself into a ditch
full of gas and light a match
it’s only Monday and just wanna get turnt
I had a dream this morning that I needed to go to paris to meet up with a boy
and then I woke up and was like FUCK
ok I'm just gonna say this
and move on
I think New York is killing me
Are you still there


end of story

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