13 Ways of Describing
a Car Wreck

by Laura Sweeney

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I.       Permit. Gravel lot.
         The Oldsmobile loomed large as
         the Oak before her.

III.    County route. Black ice.
          Skidding the Pinto into
          a White Fox Road ditch.



V.       Purple Passion. Gunned
          engine. Fiaro. Fiasco.
          Drunken tomfoolery.


VII.   The Chevy in flames.
          An oily rag. No suspects.
          Charred little spinner.



IX.    The silver Camry
         rear-ended on Lincoln Way.
         One more MRI.



XI.    Ex-con steals Camry.
         Drapes jasmine over mirrors,
         needles under seats.



XIII. The Fox & Hound loans
          a Ford Escape. Nothing wrong.
          Yet. Lucky thirteen?


II.       Her sister screaming
as she white knuckled the Dodge
around the raccoon.



IV.     The Ford. Summer of
Batman. Sprayed for the Derby.
Like the Batmobile.



VI.  Sprained neck, bruised tailbone.
Wrangled out of the Buick by
a spurned ex-lover.



VIII.     Gma’s Olds swerved into
a sweetcorn stand. T-boned by
an elderly man.



X.     Walgreens on Wall Street.
J-Walker. Three car pile-up.
Camry in-between.



XII.     The Toyota’s found
in Springfield. Abandoned by
a hoodlum’s joy ride.

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