How to Stop a Glockenspiel

by Heikki Huotari

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In order to dad dance one needs a modicum of awkwardness, a modicum of awkwardness not feigned. Were I of sentiment grammatically and anatomically correct and incorrect respectively, i.e., were I an isotope, I'd celebrate my half-life every second day. I'd cross the time line, lights and bells be damned. Take it outside, that thought. The continent at night extrapolates to no extreme. I'd pick a hat, pick any hat, then act as if I had no hat. Forlorn, but having chosen to be born, the narcissist adopts a god. That god says, Start your infinite-regression engines gentlemen. The centers of your circles have receded so your circles locally are indistinguishable from straight lines. The Butterfly says singing is but inefficient breathing therefore most great apes rely on the geometry of the great chain of being that they're part of. Great apes say that privilege is a function of inherent worth. The lily is above the law so everything the lily says is to the lily's credit. If I did it Frank Sinatra's way then Frank Sinatra did it my way and the only way to stop a bad guy with a glockenspiel was with a greater glockenspiel.

end of story

© 2023, Heikki Huotari