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Lost Child
Brooklyn, 1963
La Sirena
Susan, Number Four

Early Bird Sutra
Why the Boddhisattva Came
   to Battery Street: 7:55 AM

The Lightning-Struck

The Well
Why Monks Are Fat
Meada in Two Worlds

Looking at the Vault
   of Heaven

Translations from the Spanish:
Song of the Lovers
Dark Night: Climbing
   Mount Carmel




About Ruhama Veltfort

Ruhama Veltfort’s poetry and fiction have appeared in Whispering Campaign, The Antrim Review, The Noe Valley Voice, Sound Journal, and Moonfish. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Whispers of a Dreamer (Hollow Reed Press, 1983) and Miles on the Bridge (Wordrunner Chapbooks, 1997), and two novels, The Promised Land (Milkweed Editions, 1998; Wordrunner Press edition, 2011) and Strange Attractors (Wordrunner Press, 2013). Her memoir, The Things We Do for Love: Stories of My Life was released in June 2010. She lives in San Francisco, California.

Ruhama Veltfort, photo

     Photo by Nicho Mageras


The Things We Do for Love

Ruhama Veltfort was a young Barnard graduate living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan when she gave up her newborn son for adoption. Thirty-one years later, she discovered that he was living only five blocks away from her home in San Francisco’s Mission District.

With tenderness and wry humor, these fourteen well-observed stories trace the roots of that cycle of relinquishment and reunion, offering an intimate perspective on the social transformations of the mid-to-late twentieth century. Lovers, husbands, children and a “rag-tag band of seekers and screwballs” wind their way through this vivid and even-handed memoir of a Bohemian “red-diaper” childhood in 1950’s California, a rebellious coming-of-age in the earliest days of the Grateful Dead and an Ivy League education gone sour. Universal themes of idealism, betrayal and redemption weave through a moving account of the author’s adventures in political activism and the human potential movement to culminate in a maturity graced by family, friends and an eclectic spirituality.

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