The Wayward Orchard / Paul Sohar

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The Ruler of the Mirror

A king without a kingdom need
not be without his crown,
he can steal or borrow
or make one up out of glitter
discarded by some better-off kings
or buy one in a second-hand royalty store;
and then the king can
throw off his civilian garb,
the belts and buttons of everyday disguise,
step up to the mirror and
dress his exiled body
in the pomp and glitter,
in the sheer delight
of his royal self,
and see in the mirror
a king standing there
the sovereign ruler of  bottomless glass
and the four walls around it;
so what if the world had failed to get
the proclamation,
a king with a crown
and the courage to wear it
is not without a kingdom.

  © Paul Sohar, 2011