The Wayward Orchard / Paul Sohar

About the Author

Sunfish Pond
Requiem for a Refugee Camp
Summer Past
The Geese Were Gone
The Wayward Orchard
Mount Katahdin
A Tour Without Virgil
The Ravished
My Dream House
The God of Spring
The (Last) Party
The Secret
The Other
This Wall
Little Night Music
Being and Its Skin
Grandma’s Silence
The Ruler of the Mirror
The Silent Dreamer
Keep It Simple
Canyon Dreams



About Paul Sohar


Paul Sohar was able to pursue literature full time when he went on disability from his day job in a chemistry lab. The results have been published in Agni, Chiron, Grain,  Kenyon Review, Main Street Rag, Muse & Stone, Rattle, etc, and seven books of translations from the Hungarian. His own poetry (Homing Poems) is available from Iniquity Press. His latest work is True Tales of a Fictitious Spy, a creative nonfiction book about the Stalinist prisons (Synergebooks).

Some of the poems in The Wayward Orchard were previously published in the following journals:

  • Sunfish Pond, Pointed Circle
  • Requiem for a Refugee Camp, Santa Lucia
  • Summer Past, Pointed Circle
  • The Geese Were Gone, Reflect
  • Mount Katahdin, Aurorean
  • The Ravished, Zillah
  • Ideal, New Authors' Journal
  • My Dream House, Frisson
  • The God of Spring, St. Sebastian Journal
  • This Wall, LSR
  • Being and Its Skin, Rattle
  • Grandma’s Silence, SWAG
  • The Ruler of the Mirror, Poets’ Corner
  • The Silent Dreamer, Small Pound
  • Keep It Simple, Poetry Motel
  • Canyon Dreams, California Quarterly

Paul Sohar