Catching the Send-Off Train: Melanie Faith

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Red, White, Green

Red, white, and green for remembrance
of where it happened. Along the jagged
Apennine Mountains between Firenze and Bologna,
the Adriatic coast, just south of Rimini.

Red, white, and green for this day,
another he won’t be here. She’ll slow-roast
a turkey, make gravy. She never knew
whether he liked his stuffing wet or dry,
but Charlie sits in his big boy chair, forks the dry.
Her fingers tracing his soft curls, like Edgar’s.
The warmth held there in her palm.

Red poinsettia and evergreen boughs
from her mother’s yard
affixed to the white stone.
The sprigs clipped from the arbor’s middle—
almost impossible to notice

what’s missing from the heart of the tree.

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