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Rancho Nostalgia II



Rancho Nostalgia II

“My room, bumpkin. I’m pooped.” —Daffy Duck, The Scarlet Pumpernickel


So, you’re going to put up a fight,
the diner says to her steak.

I wanted something nice,
a girandole, a nocturne,

not a pink necessary chair
or a map of injustices.

A synthetic CEO,
I’ll parade down Wall Street

wearing a diadem of wheat,
waving a scepter of corn.

My stock in trade is memory,
exchanging shares of Time for Life magazine.

Nostalgia occurs when affection for some past self
overcomes the will to create a new one.

The mind’s enterprise is to erode the surfaces of objects
until they become words.

There is no subsidy program
for the factory of the self.

Just some feelings overlaid by others.
Giving an answer to a previous moment of failure.

What about that moment when the body
was a vessel for the future’s operation?

It is still alive. He makes me remember myself
a long time back.

Nostalgia for the past’s future. Sure, I’m tired.
We’ll take turns resting our heads

on death’s pillow. Look at me now, haters,
not commenting on, but living.

  © James Cihlar, 2012


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