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 The Reading Room
 Xmas Eve at the Big House 
 Christmas Mysteries 
Summers in Long Island 
 Father Arrives in the    Triumphal Car 
 Yankee Stadium Gone 
 A Thing of Beauty 
 Learning From My Father 
 Learning From My Mother 
The Bus


 Next Stop 
 Going to College
 My Lecture on Romanticism 
 A Story 
 Go Way From My Window 
• Singing in the Rain 
 On the Nature of Exposition 
 A Latin Class
 A Hero's Life
 Letter to Paul Cantrell
• Homecoming 
 The Moon and the Bulldozer


About Nils Peterson

Nils PetersonNils Peterson is an emeritus faculty member of San Jose State University where he taught creative writing and Shakespeare among other things. He has published several collections, including the two mentioned below. In 2009, he was chosen as the first Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley).

Some of the pieces published here were originally in poetic form. Those pieces have been rewritten or reformatted. Versions of “My Lecture on Romanticism,” “A Story,” “A Latin Class” and “Homecoming” appeared in Comedy of Desire, Blue Sofa Press, Minneapolis, 1994, which was edited and introduced by Robert Bly.

Versions of “The Bus,” “Christmas Mysteries,” “Father Arrives in the Triumphal Car,” “The Reading Room,” “Sandlots,” “A Thing of Beauty,” “Learning From My Father,” “Go Way From My Window,” and “On the Nature of Exposition” appeared in A Walk to the Center of Things, Caesura Editions, San Jose, CA, 2011.

A version of “Letter to Paul Cantrell” appeared in San Jose Studies, and a version of "The Moon and the Bulldozer” appeared in Red Wheelbarrow. Versions of “Halloween,” “Yankee stadiumGone — Impossible,” and “Sandlots” originally appeared in The ERFA Newsletter [Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association].

Nils may be seen reading poems about autumn on youtube.

Photos from Nils' album accompany some of the narratives. Others may be viewed by clicking on these thumbnails.


barbershop quartet      Helmer construction     Helmer on yacht   Nils at 4 months with dad


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