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About Arlene

Scenes from My Life On Hemlock Street: A Brooklyn Memoir by Arlene Mandell

Resolutions Made and Broken

Arlene with girlfriends in a restaurant for her Sweet 16 party

Arlene's Sweet Sixteen Party, 1957

The original list of New Year’s Resolutions was pasted into the back of a photo album. I wrote it when I was a senior in high school and never really intended to keep all the resolutions, but am proud to say I have kept #6.*


I will sew buttons on as soon as they fall off.


I will wear lipstick whenever I leave the house.


I will start every day off by grinning in the mirror.


I will gossip a little less maliciously with Ruth.


I will always walk with my head up and not wiggle so much.


I will not light a cigarette if I don’t really want it.


I will not tease boys (especially ones over 18).


I will not fall into bed without brushing my hair and teeth, no matter what time it is.


I will not pay for dates with kisses.


I will not go out with icky boys, ever!

*Author’s note: After I dropped a lighted cigarette on my blue silk organza prom dress and burned a hole in it, I never smoked another cigarette.

© Arlene Mandell, 2009

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