The Old Fever: A Memoir of Kenya by Rick Gray
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 Yellow Moon
 Somali Women 
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 Somehow Peeling
 In the Darkness 
 Checking into the Pig 
 The Curse

About the Author

Rick Gray at a cafe in EssaouiraRICK GRAY served in the Peace Corps in Kenya and has traveled widely throughout Africa. He teaches at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, where he was recently named the Spring 2013 Research Fellow for his current book of poems in progress, Christmas in Iraq, set in military zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. His novel, Amongst Monks, was a finalist for the Bakeless Prize for Fiction. He received the Editor's Award for poetry at MARGIE. In addition to the book of poems, he is completing his African memoir, The Old Fever. He attended the Squaw Valley Writer's Conference in 2012.

Photo of Rick Gray at a cafe in Essaouira, Morocco.