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  NOVEL EXCERPT by Atar Hadari
   Our Place
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About Atar Hadari

Atar Hadari and childAtar Hadari was born in Israel, raised in England and studied writing in the US. His fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart prize by New York Stories, Margin, Witness and Larcom Review, and his story “Deacon” merited honorable mention in the 2001 Pushcart anthology. He won the Liverpool Literature Festival’s “Pulp Idol” competition by reading two minutes from When We Were Saved. His debut poetry collection Rembrandt's Bible will be published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in July 2013.

“Our Place” stands alone as a novella within Hadari's novel in progress, When We Were Saved. The title story "Our Place" was previously published as part of Hadari's one-man show "Three Sides of a Fence," in Jewish Quarterly.

Some of Hadari's stories have been performed and may be listened to online, notably The Donkey and The Princess, which are also part of When We Were Saved.