Nowhere Is Always Somewhere
  Six Stories by Robert Earle
  1  Under the Bridge
2  The Mustard Pot
3  Nowhere Is Always Somewhere
4  Monsters, Monsters Everywhere
5  What Maggie Knew
6  The Last Summer
  About the Author  |  |  September 2017 Fiction Issue

About Robert Earle

Robert EarleRobert Earleā€™s stories have appeared in more than 100 literary magazines in the U.S., Canada, and U.K. His collection of stories, She Receives the Night, was published by Vine Leaves Press (Melbourne) last May. He also is the author of a nonfiction account of a year in Iraq, Nights in the Pink Motel, and a novel, The Way Home. A diplomat for twenty-five years, Earle now lives and writes in Durham, North Carolina. His website is

The six stories in this echapbook are published here for the first time. The collection is also available in Kindle or Smashwords editions.