Pushing Boundaries / Breaking Barriers


by Leonore Hildebrandt

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Never pitch your camp on the edge of anything
Algernon Blackwood

Put your tent either in the wood, or out of it.
Avoid a river’s bank, a canyon’s rim—
borderlands stir up the uncanny.

If, oblivious or reckless, you have passed up
a suitable place in the meadow, and must
stay on the edge—gather yourself.

Do not be lured by whirls of dry leaves,
refrain from seeing patterns in the heaps of split shale,
ignore the face weeping behind a cloud-veil.

An air-draft troubles the aspen leaves,
thunder nags from the valley, chokes in the wilted grass.
Then, aghast, silence gapes.

Move close to the fire as night advances.
Anguished, rattle yourself awake.
Uncover the darkness.

As soon as daybreak pales the shadows,
move on—your voice intimate with breath,
the ground fragrant with creeping juniper.

end of story

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