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Our spring 2016 echapbook anthology explores the impact of technology on humanity. Devices features fiction by Lewis Gray, Larry Lefkowitz, Ken Poyner and Carole Stivers; nonfiction by Katrina Marks; and poetry by Cathy Bryant, Catherine Edmunds, Casey FitzSimons, Marie Kilroy, Fran Markover, Nate Maxson, Anne McCrady, Lee Nash, Jacalyn Shelley, John Stupp and Laura Sweeney.

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Wordrunner eChapbooks has published 27 online chapbooks — 11 fiction, 5 memoir and 5 poetry collections, each featuring one author, and 6 themed anthologies by multiple authors. We are pleased and proud to be showcasing these diverse and talented writers.

Previously published echapbooks may be read in the ARCHIVES or ordered as Kindle or Smashwords books. We are building a back list of e-publications in our e-STORE that can be added to your personal library.

Each collection has its own professional design. We collaborate with authors to edit their work. All authors are paid and there are no submission fees. (But donations will always be appreciated!)

Honoring the "e" in echapbook, hyperlinks to photos, videos, background articles, maps, poetry and artwork add a kind of immediacy that only web-based publication can provide.

Please visit the site again and often. We will be offering our readers a wide variety of original, high quality writing in the years to come.

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